18 Uncut Communion Loaves, Gluten Free / Vegan, “Free of All the Top 8 Allergens” – $4/loaf



If shipping delivery method is selected, bread is packed in a cooler with dry ice, 2-day ground via FedEx.

18 Uncut Communion Loaves that are “Free of All the Top 8 Allergens”. One loaf serves approximately 60 people. This loaf is good for intinction. The loaf is moist, delicious and will not crumble as it is passed through your congregation.┬áPure Knead Communion Loaves stay fresh in the freezer for up to 6 months. Just thaw on the counter the day before use and share.

  • For best quality, thaw and serve room temperature
  • Gluten Free – Dairy/Casein Free – Egg Free – Fish Free – Peanut Free – Soy Free – Shellfish Free – Tree Nut Free
  • No Toasting Required
  • Refreeze upon receipt of package
  • Refrigeration will change the texture and bread will need to be gently warmed to restore its original moistness
  • Use a dedicated cutting board and knife to prevent cross-contamination if serving cubed