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Visitor from Washington, DC Discovers Pure Knead at Farm Burger

We are often asked whether we ship our bread to individuals. While we’d love to supply everyone in need, from a tax perspective, we’re set up as a wholesale bakery and have also found that since our products contain no preservatives and have to be shipped frozen, overnight on dry ice, the proposition quickly becomes cost-prohibitive.

MP, visiting Atlanta from Washington, DC, contacted us this morning asking about purchasing since she visited Farm Burger in Buckhead and fell in love with our hamburger buns.

I’m visiting Atlanta for a client meeting tomorrow morning and had lunch at Farm Burger in Buckhead, where they use your bread for those of us with food allergies. I have both a dairy and gluten allergy (epi pen for dairy!). Since I have had these allergies, I have not had a decent piece of bread or bun until today. It was delicious! Is there any chance that you ship to individuals in DC? Just curious.

Thanks! And keep up the great baking!

Even though we can’t ship to MP, luckily she can still have a hamburger on a Pure Knead bun since there are 3 Ted’s Montana Grill locations around DC and each of Ted’s 45 restaurants carries Pure Knead hamburger buns. So, enjoy, MP!